Dare to Dream

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Bonnie pic

In 1993 Dr. Bonnie Bergin had an idea. Just as when she originated the idea for the service dog concept, then founded Canine Companions for Independence to train and place assistance dogs, and created the Assistance Dog Institute as an educational institute to teach people to become assistance dog trainers, many said it couldn't be done, shouldn't be done, that it was a bad idea, that it wouldn't work. Fortunately, ever the optimist, ever tenacious, she persisted.

Today the Assistance Dog United Campaign (ADUC) provides support to the assistance dog industry in the form of:

  1. Financial assistance in the form of vouchers to individuals with disabilities seeking to obtain an assistance dog from a viable program;
  2. Program development and research grants enabling assistance dog programs to improve their and the industry's efforts;
  3. College scholarships to individuals enrolled in the Assistance Dog Institute's Associate of Science degree program in Assistance Dog Education.

While providing significant financial support to the assistance dog industry is our main focus, ensuring that its donors' gifts are appropriately distributed is a significant part of that process. Fiscal accountability is a high priority!!! ADUC ensures its vouchers are distributed to individuals with disabilities demonstrating financial need, that the programs receiving grants are viable, and that those students receiving scholarships meet high academic and character standards.

With a board representative of its various constituencies, ADUC expertly and honorably carries out its mission: Supporting Assistance Dog Miracles!