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Hearing Dog

What Are Vouchers?

Insufficient funds limit the accessibility to assistance dogs. Individuals unable to contribute toward the cost of their dog feel, and in fact are, less empowered.

Recognizing this, ADUC provides vouchers to individuals with disabilities, thus enabling them to proudly approach an ADUC member program seeking a canine helpmate with the necessary funds to make this miracle possible.

Vouchers are valid for one year, so the assistance dog must be obtained within that time period. One-year extensions are allowed in special circumstances but must be requested one month prior to the voucher's expiration date.

Vouchers for service, hearing and guide dogs provided by a member program are available in amounts up to $5,500. Vouchers for social/therapy dogs provided by a member program in amounts up to $2,500. If the client provides their own dog to be trained by a member program, the voucher amount will be decreased.

Vouchers are disbursed to programs in two payments: fifty percent (50%) upon completion of client training and the remaining fifty percent (50%) after one year, pending verification of a successful working team.

Service Dog How Do I Apply for a Voucher?

  1. Click below to download your 2015 Voucher Application. If you would rather, you can request an application by emailing us at info@assistancedogunitedcampaign.org, and we will mail or email you the application packet. Please note that ADUC's funds are very limited at this time. The application requires additional paperwork, so please keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to apply. Older versions of the application will not be accepted. Applications are not available at our various member program locations.
  2. The application, along with a one-page letter stating how an assistance dog will help you and proof of financial need (SSI notice or tax return), are due by May 31. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
  3. Completed applications will be evaluated by ADUC's voucher committee. Selection criteria favors those applications demonstrating the need of an assistance dog and financial necessity.
  4. Vouchers are valid for one year from date of issue and may only be used to obtain an assistance dog from one of ADUC's member programs (see List of Member Programs ) during that period of time.
  5. If you are unable to obtain your dog within the one-year time limit, you may apply for a one time, one year extension on your voucher one month before your voucher's expiration date.

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